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 Quick Information

Supercomputing systems present complex challenges to personnel who design, deploy and maintain these systems. Standing up these systems and keeping them running require novel solutions that are unique to high performance computing. The success of any supercomputing center depends on stable and reliable systems, and HPC Systems Professionals are crucial to that success.

The Eighth Annual HPC Systems Professionals Workshop will bring together systems administrators, systems architects, and systems analysts in order to share best practices, discuss cutting-edge technologies, and advance the state-of-the-practice for HPC systems. This CFP requests that participants submit either papers, slide presentations, or 5-minute Lightning Talk proposals. Additionally reproducible artifacts (code segments, test suites, configuration management templates) which can be made available to the community for use are welcome for submissions either as a standalone submission or in addition to any paper or talk submissions.

 Topics of Interest

Here are some topics of interest for this group. Note that these are here to indicate direction, not to disallow other related topics.

  • Cluster, configuration, or software management
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Performance tuning/Benchmarking
  • Resource manager and job scheduler configuration
  • Monitoring/Mean-time-to-failure/ROI/Resource utilization
  • HPC storage solutions
  • High speed/ Low Latency networking
  • Composable infrastructure and containers
  • Elastic workloads or optimizations for workload types
  • Web-based cluster front ends
  • Challenges with AI workloads (GPU management, Interconnect, Data Movement)

Example paper ideas might be:

  • Best practices for job scheduler configuration
  • Advantages of cluster automation
  • Managing software on HPC clusters

 Organizing Committee

Workshop ChairJohn Blaas Lambda
Program ChairJared Baker NCAR
Organizing Committee
Blaise HartmanNASA
Betsy HilleryPurdue University
David Clifton Ansys
Hon Wai LeongDDN
John LegatoNIH
Michael HartmanStanford University
Gary SkousonPenn State University
Kurt MaierPNNL
Stephen FralichBoeing

Publication Information

All accepted papers and artifacts will be published on GitHub and archived with a DOI in Zenodo. You can view the previous years presentations here HPCSYSPROS SC23 Workshop Proceedings

 Contact Information

If you need to contact us, send email to SIGHPC SYSPROS.