SIGHPC Systems Professionals Workshop


Sunday, November 14 9am-5:30pm


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 Quick Information

The HPCSYSPROS workshop has moved to all virtual this year, we will be using the zoom platform provided by SC but will not have a physical room to meet in at the conference.

Supercomputing systems present complex challenges to personnel who design, deploy and maintain these systems. Standing up these systems and keeping them running require novel solutions that are unique to high performance computing. The success of any supercomputing center depends on stable and reliable systems, and HPC Systems Professionals are crucial to that success.

The Sixth Annual HPC Systems Professionals Workshop will bring together systems administrators, systems architects, and systems analysts in order to share best practices, discuss cutting-edge technologies, and advance the state-of-the-practice for HPC systems. This CFP requests that participants submit either papers, slide presentations, or 5-minute Lightning Talk proposals along with reproducible artifacts (code segments, test suites, configuration management templates) which can be made available to the community for use.


 Invited Speaker

Evan Burness will be presenting Technical underpinnings of Azure HPC & AI supercomputing

This talk will provide an overview of Azure HPC & AI supercomputing architectures, their technical underpinnings and capabilities for large scale HPC workloads, and how Azure distributes and supports these resources globally to support one of the largest customer and user bases in the world.

Evan Burness is a Principal Program in Microsoft Azure and the lead for HPC-optimized Virtual Machine programs. He focuses on the technical architecture, roadmap, and strategy of Azure’s H-series VMs optimized for scalable HPC workloads.


All times in Central Time

9 AM9:12 AMOpening Remarks
9:12 AM9:28 AM Lightning Talk: Enabling Research and Education through the Geddes Composable Platform, Erik Gough (Purdue University)
9:28 AM9:44 AM Lightning Talk: Ookami – The First Year of a Computing Technology Testbed, Eva Siegmann (Stony Brook University)
9:44 AM10:00 AM Lightning Talk: Kubernetes with Open OnDemand using Kyverno, Trey Dockendorf (Ohio Supercomputing Center)
10:00 AM10:30 AM Morning Coffee Break
10:30 AM11:10 AM Kubernetes for HPC Administration, Samuel Knight (Sandia National Laboratory)
11:10 AM12:30 PM Panel: Benchmarking, Hai Ah Nam (NERSC), Rory Kelly (NCAR), Greg Bauer (NCSA), Paul Ferrell (LANL)
12:30 PM2:00 PM Lunch Break
2:00 PM3:00 PM Invited Talk: Technical underpinnings of Azure HPC & AI supercomputing, Evan Burness (Microsoft)
3:00 PM3:30 PM Afternoon Coffee Break
3:30 PM3:45 PM Lightning Talk: Chameleon Cloud, Michael Sherman (University of Chicago)
3:45 PM4:00 PM Lightning Talk: Storing of Secrets for Retrieval by Configuration Management, David King (NCSA)
4:00 PM5:00 PM War stories, pain points, and open discussion
5:00 PM5:30 PM Closing Remarks and Traxler Family Award for Community Service

 Topics of Interest

Here are some topics of interest for this group. Note that these are here to indicate direction, not to disallow other related topics.

  • Cluster, configuration, or software management
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Performance tuning/Benchmarking
  • Resource manager and job scheduler configuration
  • Monitoring/Mean-time-to-failure/ROI/Resource utilization
  • HPC storage solutions
  • Composable infrastructure and containers
  • Elastic workloads or optimizations for workload types
  • Virtualization/Clouds
  • Web-based cluster front ends
  • Designing and troubleshooting HPC interconnects

Example paper ideas might be:

  • Best practices for job scheduler configuration
  • Advantages of cluster automation
  • Managing software on HPC clusters


Workshop Submissions OpenMay 10, 2021
Workshop Submission Close EXTENDED September 26, 2021
Reviews SentOctober 11, 2021
Acceptance NotificationOctober 18, 2021

 Organizing Committee

Workshop ChairJohn BlaasNational Center for Atmospheric Research
Program ChairJeremy Enos National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Organizing Committee
Matt BidwellNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Todd Evans Texas Advanced Computing Center
Stephen Lien HarrellTexas Advanced Comptuing Center
Brian HaymoreUniversity of Utah
Betsy HilleryPurdue University
Adam HoughShell
Andy HowardMicrosoft
Jenett TillotsonNational Center for Atmospheric Research

 Program Committee

Benjamin AllanSandia National Laboratory
Mark DaltonLambda Labs Inc.
Tina DeclerckLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Matthew EzellOak Ridge National Laboratory
Karen FernslerLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Joshi FullopLos Alamos National Laboratory
James GlasgowIllinois University
Bilel HadriKAUST
David KingUniversity of Illinois
Mark Klein Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
Stephen Leak Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Hon Wai LeongDDN
Alex YountsPurdue University

 Publication Information

All accepted papers and artifacts will be published on GitHub and archived with a DOI in Zenodo. You can view last years accepted papers here HPCSYSPROS SC20 Workshop Proceedings

 Contact Information

If you need to contact us, send email to SIGHPC SYSPROS.