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Election Slate 2024


Betsy Hillery

This year, I will be assisting in organizing the SIGHPC SC24 SYSPROS workshop, building on my experience participating in coordinating the SIGHPC SYSPROS SC21 workshop. I have served as the CaRCC System Facing Track Co-Coordinator from January of 2021 through January of 2023. In this role, I had shared responsibilities for planning, hosting, and managing the monthly calls, as well as representing the needs of the System Facing Track at the annual CaRRC meetings. In the six years, I was with The Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (RCAC) at Purdue University, I was responsible for building and deploying High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources, including clusters and storage, and coached two teams that competed at SC18 and SC19, bringing an all-female team in 2018. I am the Director of Data initiatives for the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) at Purdue University. In this role, I provide HPC and related resources to faculty and researchers for Human Healthcare projects. As Chair of the chapter, my mission is to increase access to resources in the community and foster diversity in membership. Community efforts focusing on identifying opportunities for early-career through late-career people are necessary to sustain growth. We can accomplish this by providing mentoring opportunities to our early career people from our seasoned SYSPROS, providing opportunities for both. We should be increasingly proactive in recruiting for the underrepresented population, focusing on a community with a more diverse gender population and participation from smaller institutions, labs, and industry partners. I am humbled to participate in SIGHPC SYSPROS and would greatly appreciate your consideration for this position.

Vice Chair

John Blaas

I have been assisting with the planning and delivery of SIGHPC SYSPROS workshops at SC and PEARC for the past few years in various roles, and have served as Chair in the most recent term, and in the past as a member-at-large. I also serve on the steering committee for the CaRCC systems facing track, helping in the planning and hosting of the monthly calls. I currently work at the Lambda as a HPC Operations Manager, and have worked in senior administration and engineering roles for over 14 years now. As Vice Chair of the chapter, I want to increase attendance at our workshops and social events and start to build a path for SIGHPC SYSPROS to eventually hold our own conference separate from SC or PEARC, devoted to our community with sponsorship from industry. I want to focus on growing our membership and making it easier for members to renew their membership when needed. Finally I want to make sure that we are capturing a greater amount of folks that are early in their career and would be in the most need for finding a community that can offer them guidance and help when needed. I look forward to continuing to contribute to SIGHPC SYSPROS community.

Membership Chair

Jay Blair

I have been involved with HPC since 2001. My first experience was the DoD HPCMP program at the Air Force Major Shared Resource Center where I put my previous experience working for ANSYS and MSC (NASTRAN) to use as FEA application engineer installing and supporting codes on multiple flavors of UNIX (I predate Linux as an HPC OS). After 8 years there, I moved on to support P&G, UTC, NASA, NOAA and a host of other customers. I am a natural communicator and eager to reach out and make connections. I found this community several years ago and have come to enjoy my daily interactions with members. I am also a dad with a mech eng daughter in college (Go UC Bearcats) and have a special place in my heart for STEM and diversity inclusion. I would love the opportunity to become more involved and help this fabulous group grow. I’m at the point in my career where I am considering what my legacy looks like and mentorship and teaching the next generation of HPC professionals is key to that vision.


Adam Hough

I am have been HPC system professional for 20 years at various organizations with my current position with with Shell’s HPC & TI organization in the team with role in designing, procuring, and deploying HPC resources around the world. I have been active in the HPC SysPros community since the SC12 BoF session.

There is a continuing need for additional face to face meetings and knowledge sharing with the focus on helping grow the knowledge sharing of this profession across all organizations. I hope to try and start an additional meeting at ISC or another Europe based conference as a goal to continue to grow the organization while I am currently based in the United Kingdom.


John Legato

I’ve been working as an HPC System Administrator in the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute(NHLBI) at the National Institutes of Health since 2003. I have experience designing, procuring and operating HPC systems for a variety of workloads in the life sciences. My service on NHLBI and NIH committees has given me experience in bridging the gap between the needs of researchers and design and operation of HPC systems to meet those needs. Through my role supporting users, I’ve seen the gaps in HPC training and demand for technical expertise and I welcome the opportunity to serve the chapter and the community. I’ve been a volunteer with the SCinet NetSec team since SC21.I’ve served as Member At Large in SIGHPC-SYSPROS from 2020-2022, and Treasurer since 2022, during that time I’ve been involved with the chapter’s efforts to organize workshops at SC and PEARC as well as maintaining an active presence on the SYSPROS Slack, I am looking forward to continuing to work with SIGHPC SYSPROS to foster community and educate the next generation in the field, I appreciate your consideration for this position.

Members at Large

David Clifton

I have served as VP for the last three cycles and have been very happy to participate in developing the organization into the vibrant community we have today. I’d like to continue to serve in an advisory capacity and will continue to be involved with the workshops at SC and PEARC (and ISC, if we can get in the door there for 2025). I appreciate your consideration!

Mike Hartman

I have been an HPC admin in several location over the last 18 years. However, I am new to the organization and would like to learn how things work as well as participate in the coordination and planning of things like the workshops at SC and PEARC. I would also like to try and identify ways to expand the wonderful SIGHPC community so that we can make sure there are reliable HPC admins in the future. I appreciate your time and consideration!!