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Election Slate 2022


John Blaas

I would like to be considered for Chair of the SIGHPC SYSPROS ACM Chapter. I have been assisting with the planning and delivery of SIGHPC SYSPROS workshops at SC and PEARC for the past few years in various roles, and have served in the past as a member-at-large. I also serve on the steering committee for the CaRCC systems facing track, helping in the planning and hosting of the monthly calls. I currently work at the National Center for Atmospheric Research as a HPC Systems Engineer, and have worked in similar roles for over 10 years.

As Chair of the chapter, I want to increase attendance at our workshops and encourage growth through folks joining and participating in ad hoc discussions on our Slack channels. I want to bring a greater emphasis on collaborating more closely with other communities that are adjacent to our own and I want to provide more visibility to student projects and training in order to better meet the talent shortage that we often see in our growing field.

I look forward to continuing to contribute to SIGHPC SYSPROS and I appreciate your consideration for this position.

Vice Chair

David Clifton

Hello SysPros, I’m David Clifton, Lead Systems Engineer for internal on-prem HPC at Ansys, a leading developer of CAE simulation software. It has been my pleasure to serve as the Vice President of the ACM SIGHPC Systems Professionals virtual chapter for the last four years, and I would appreciate your support for a third and final term. The chapter has evolved well over the last several years, and together we have built a great community for HPC admins of all skill levels. We have refined the processes for setting up the SysPros workshops at SC and PEARC to a very repeatable level, and we hope to get one going at ISC in the near future. With your support, we can continue to expand our community to new regions and institutions.

Membership Chair

Stephen Fralich

Ever since I learned of supercomputing systems while in high school, I was fascinated by both the technical aspects of them as well as the research that they enable. I’ve been working with Linux HPC systems since the early 2000s and with UNIX/Linux systems since I was in high school. I’m currently an HPC Systems Architect at Boeing. Prior to Boeing, I worked in higher education for almost 20 years. I served as the committee Secretary for the past two years and as a Member-at-Large prior to that. I have also served on SC workshop organizing and submission review committees. I’m looking forward to the challenge of building the chapter’s membership base over the next two years.


Adam Hough

I would like to considered for the Secretary for the SIGHPC SYSPROS ACM Chapter. I am the current current chair and former treasurer of SIGHPC SYSPROS ACM Chapter with being a HPC system professional for 18 years at various organizations with my current position with with Shell’s HPC & TI organization in the team with role in designing, procuring, and deploying HPC resources around the world. I have been active in the HPC SysPros since the SC12 BoF session.

There is a continuing need for additional face to face meetings and knowledge sharing with the focus on helping grow the knowledge sharing of this profession across all organizations. I hope to try and start an additional meeting at ISC as a goal to continue to grow the organization while I am currently based in the Netherlands.


John Legato

I’d like to be considered for the position of Treasurer of the ACM SIGHPC-SYSPROS Chapter. I’ve been working as an HPC System Administrator in the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute(NHLBI) at the National Institutes of Health since 2003. I have experience designing, procuring and operating HPC systems for a variety of workloads in the life sciences.

My service on NHLBI and NIH committees has given me experience in bridging the gap between the needs of researchers and design and operation of HPC systems to meet those needs. Through my role supporting users, I’ve seen the gaps in HPC training and demand for technical expertise and I welcome the opportunity to serve the chapter and the community. I’ve been a volunteer with the SCinet NetSec team since SC21.I’ve served as Member At Large in SIGHPC-SYSPROS from 2020-Present, during that time I’ve been involved with the chapter’s efforts to organize workshops at SC and PEARC as well as maintaining an active presence on the SYSPROS Slack, I am looking forward to continuing to work with SIGHPC SYSPROS to foster community and educate the next generation in the field, I appreciate your consideration for this position.


Honwai Leong

I’m Honwai Leong. I would like to be considered for the role of Member-at-large for SIGHPC HPCSYSPROS. I’m currently an Applications System Engineer with DDN Australia. I have held different roles in my last 12 years career as system administrator, professional services and system engineer for different organizations: NTU, Globalfoundries, IBM, NCSA and DDN. I have attended and contributed as a reviewer (twice as author) in almost every (either in-person or remotely) SIGHPC SYSPROS Workshops since its inauguration. I wish to be part of SIGHPC HPCSYSPROS committee as I wish to be involved more in advancing the growth of this community. I believe my career experience in academic and industrial entities, as well as a vendor will bring a good balance to the development of this community.

William Scullin

Greetings! My name is William Scullin. I am the HPC Group Lead at the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics. I am a long-time contributor to this community. I’ve been the organizer and co-organizer of SC BoFs and workshops on systems management as far back as 2010. I served at the first Chair of the of SIGHPC SYSPROS chapter and helped with its formation. I also served as Membership Chair from 2018-2020. That said, most of you know me from the chapter’s Slack.

As Member-At -Large, I will work to continue the chapter’s growth, boost outreach outside the United States, and improve our visibility within SIGHPC and the ACM. I am dedicated to improving diversity and fostering inclusion efforts in our community, taking a special interest in supporting our educational efforts. Finally, I’d like to help formalize our rewards programs and create more opportunities for leadership and professional recognition for the membership.